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Sleep Technology

We define each mattress as a great work of art, which has accumulated years of exquisite craftsmanship and integrated into the production of comfortable mattresses so that you can fully appreciate the unparalleled California-style sleep experience. Intelligent support and reasonable support.

Intelligent support for health ridge protection

Seryato. Customize your own healthy sleep system based on Ergonomics
According to the experimental test, Seryato mattress with superior quality has the following characteristics:
■ According to the human body curve, give enough close support support
■  Good air permeability, keep mattress surface clean, clean, dry and comfortable at all times
■  Mute comfortable, non-interference performance is good
■  Durable, durable spring liner

Spring system according to the pressure of different parts of the body partition design layout, combined with the comfort layer to play a reasonable support and intelligent support, fit the body curve, for you to create terminal-like sleep enjoyment.

Nine area top sleep system

Double Heat Treatment Springshaping Technology

■ Spring is made of 70cl high carbon manganese steel wire.
■ Precise temperature-controlled heat treatment at 256.5.
■ Continuous 9826 seconds constant temperature heat treatment
■ Adopt 21.8 C continuous 3587 seconds water cooling to finalize treatment
■ Oily Antioxidant Treatment for Steel Wire Surface
■ FATIGUE RESISTANCE TEST OF ASTM 1566: Spring is not deformed after 100,000 hammer-pressing tests

Air Ventilated Circulation System

Patent number: 201220313073.2


■ Micro-computer Special-shaped Cutting Technology.
■ Environment-friendly breathable 3D mesh cloth.
■ Enlarged mattress area is 30% of the area used.
■ Clean, hygienic, comfortable and healthy.